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Why we are Donating to Charity?
There are countless benefits to the decision to donate. Many people donate out of the goodness of their heart. You know there are others out there in need, and you donate for that reason alone. In addition to the desire to help others, you may also want to claim the tax deduction that accompanies a sizable charitable donation. No matter what the reason, the important thing to remember is--donate.
Benefit in tax
The most common and popular reason to donate to charity is for the tax write-off. There is no shame
in wanting to get a tax deduction, and you can claim it for both monetary donations and donations of
items. The tax deduction is dependent upon the value of the items you have donated. The more valuable the items, the more you are able to write off on your taxes. You are able to pay less to Uncle Sam and
feel great about helping a nonprofit organization at the same time; it is a win-win situation.
Think about it
It is time to clean out those closets and the attic. If you do not want to take on the hassle of a yard sale, donate the items to charity. You will have extra space for more important items and helps nonprofit at the same time. Don't waste perfectly good products by throwing them out; donate them to less fortunate individuals or nonprofit organizations.
Feel Good and proud
One of the best reasons to donate to charity is to help the less fortunate and feel great at the same time. If you are fortunate in your life, donating to charity can help you give back.
Get Back
Donating to a charity from which you found assistance
in the past is a great way to show your appreciation No one knows more about how helpful and necessary a nonprofit organization is than a former client.
You know how much the people receiving assistance need those services. What better way to give back than to donate to the charity once you are in a
better place in your life.
Honoring to your love one's
Making a monetary donation in a loved one's name is a great way to honor their life and the charitable organization at the same time. You may select a
charity that has touched him personally or that is close to his heart. Many families ask mourners to contribute to a particular charity in lieu of
sending flowers to a funeral. Some people do the same for birthdays, asking friends and family to donate to charity rather than purchase a gift.